Avda. Trafalgar, 102
Los Caños de Meca
Cádiz 11150
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Things to Do and See

  • In And Around Los Canos de Meca

Beaches, Surf, Waves 

Surf the local breaks, there are 3 good breaks near Madreselva - bring a board or rent one locally. Note only small swell in mid-summer months... (see below)

Surf in El Palmar, Andalucia´s top surf spot less than 10 minutes away

Take a surf lesson with a local Surf School

Kite surf! Two good launch spots within walking distance of Madreselva or take a lesson. See below for specific Kite and Surf info.

Windsurfing, just a couple of hundred metres from Madreselva there is an excellent launch spot famous for autumn and spring waves and wind combination. (Note nearest windsurf equipment rental in Tarifa)

Sea kayaking — rent a sea kayak in Barbate and explore the cliffs and coves

Snorkel the reef near Madreselva

Dive! Local dive schools will take you out off Cape Trafalgar and to other interesting dive sites

Take a kayak or be guided from a small vessel through the dunes & waterways of the Càdiz Marine Park seeing a mass of bird life.

Take a day Whale Watching in the Straits from nearby Tarifa, see Sperm whales, Finn whales & Dolphins. Don’t miss the Orcas feasting in August / September.

Nature and Activity

Near Madreselva are great trails for mountain biking and horse riding. If you fancy road biking then spin off on quiet roads through open countryside. If you’re more of a walker then leaving the cliff path trails will lead you through the pine forest to some of the finest views in the south. For serious trekking journey inland to the Alcornocales forest and some 1,000m. peaks through the cork oak forest.

Take a mountain bike for rides either along the coast or on quiet trails through the interior. All year. Quality mountain bikes available for hire in Vejer and Conil.

Three riding stables nearby offer you gallops on empty beaches (not July-September) or stunning rides through pine forest & open country.

Trek from Los Caños to Vejer through the Las Breñas Nature Reserve.

Walk the cliffs and pine forests or follow the beach trail along the coast.

Just 50 min. from Los Caños you can enjoy a day walk to over 1,000m. in the Alcornocales forest. Spectacular views, dense forest & narrow stream filled gulleys make this a great day out.

Enjoy local bird watching, from coastal to wetlands & raptors in the nearby highlands.


Madreselva is perfectly located for a variety of fine cultural attractions within a short drive. Why not visit the walled medieval town of Vejer, shining bright white on the hilltop. Cádiz has museums, a stunning market, plazas and monuments galore and virtually no tourists. Or why not enjoy a tour to the sherry bodegas of Jerez and sample some local "fino"...

Relax with a charming nocturnal walk through Vejer de la Frontera’s romantic narrow alleys & courtyards.

Visit historic Cape Trafalgar and take a walk along the ‘Beach of Souls’ named after the famous battle.

Walk around the extensive ruins of Roman ‘Baelo Claudia’, see the statue of Trajan and admire the views overlooking the bay of Bolonia and its vast sand dune.

Enjoy the outstanding fish market in Cádiz & explore the towns charming back streets, monuments, parks & lively local shopping.

In Jerez you can’t miss the famous sherry bodegas for a history tour & a tasting or drive to Sanlucar de Barrameda for a plate of freshly caught "langostinos" overlooking the Guadalquivir river & the pine woods of Coto Doñana.

Nearby Medina Sidonia & Tarifa are historic small towns with a rich legacy of monuments, history & views.

Kite Surfing Spots

Beach orientation here offers kiting with almost every wind direction within a few kilometers. No long drives if the wind changes direction.

Trafalgar beach (El Faro)

Launch on the beach towards the lighthouse. Good sailing when it blows in light or strong Levante (these are the prevailing winds -easterly). Good launch point without obstructions. Waves will come in after a couple of days of Levante in summer or most of the winter. Tack upwind to the apartments (almost opposite Madreselva) to catch the best waves. Watch out low tide for the rocks towards the lighthouse. Uncrowded off season with locals only unless it’s a howler in Tarifa & they all come to Trafalgar. Busy mid-summer. Watch out for the headland currents & we advise against sailing the other side of the isthmus.

El Palmar beach

Good with a Poniente SW. Lonely sailing here as so few people do. Often fast flat water sailing and usually wave action through the winter. Fantastic beach launch, no rocks. Take care with wind direction.


Good as for El Palmar, small lagoon at high tide perfect for learning. Plenty of locals sailing from the town when conditions are good.

Barbate out of town

Vast empty beach, tons of room for launching. Even in mid-summer plenty of space even when everywhere else is crowded. Poniente SW.


35 minute drive to Punta Paloma or Bolonia. Crowded.

Windsurfing Spots

200m. from Madreselva is one of the best launch spots on the coast. With a good ‘Levante’ (the predominant wind) Tarifa sailors drop in for the wave action especially in the non-summer months. Excellent wave action in winter. Watch out launching mid-low tide for rocks. No other beaches particularly good here unless it’s a strong Poniente wind (SW).