Art at Corredera 55

  • Kathy Hockey new work at Corredera 55

Kathy Hockey a well known Vejer illustrator and artist has produced a lovingly detailed work of art for Corredera 55. Kathy already has one of her Vejer drawings in the C55 permanent exhibition and the new work was a comission from Ellie Cormié, C55 manager for James Stuart one of the founder's of the business.

Kathy Hockey at C55

Detail from Kathy Hockey's 'Calle Sagasta', Vejer

I was delighted to be commissioned to paint a pen and watercolour sketch style ‘portrait’ of the facade of the beautiful Corredera 55 restaurant in Vejer de la Frontera.

Kathy has been living in Vejer for more than 10 years and is a strong contributor to the local art scene where her understanding of colour and context combine perfectly with the light, geometry and nature of the area.

To see a full explanation of the production process for this piece visit Kathy's website with an interesting insight into the artist's world.

Kathy Hockey website

Corredera 55 by Kathy Hockey will be on show at Corredera 55 until the end of October.