Corredera 55 joins the 'Amigo del día' movement

  • Invite a friend for lunch monday to thursday - 15€ per person

The restaurant Corredera 55, of the Califa Group, adheres to the Amigo del Día movement, an initiative that arises to help restaurants. Celebrate with your friends and support local businesses. It's the spirit of the community!

Shall we meet for lunch? It's a celebration of friendship through an act as social as food. "We want friends to get together and enjoy themselves around a table, catch up and have a few laughs together," says the owner of Corredera 55, Ellie Cormié.

Our restaurant Corredera 55 joins the movement by offering the possibility of inviting a friend, from Monday to Thursday, to enjoy the menu of the day at the price of 15€ each.

The restaurant is ahead of the official campaign and will be open throughout the month of June and July.  

Shall we meet for lunch?
This is the first event of Amigo del Día, a new movement that aims to help independent restaurants recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

The inspiration comes from the Spanish tradition of the "menu del día" introduced in the 1960s to stimulate the Spanish economy. To this day many restaurants in Spain offer this three-course menu (first, second and dessert + drink) on weekdays.

When should we meet for lunch?
Corredera 55 is ahead of the official campaign and will run throughout the month of June and July.  

You can consult the restaurant's summer menu here. 

Reservations at 956451848.


What is 'Amigo del Día?'
Amigo Del Día is a global non-profit movement that wants to support local small restaurants affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The aim is to raise awareness of the situation in the sector, publicize these establishments and help rebuild local communities.

The idea of Amigo del Día was conceived at the beginning of the confinement by two entrepreneurs based in Barcelona: Chelsea Anthon, half Australian, half Spanish with marketing expert and Erin Nixon, American and restaurant owner, who were joined by Mila Nikolova, PR expert and Lior Shechori, gastronomic guide.