El Jardín del Califa, temporarily closed, gives away surplus food to Vejer Cáritas association

  • The restaurant will reopen February 5th 2021.

Califa Casas, Vejer’s prime source for quality well managed holiday homes, will remain open

El Jardín del Califa is temporarily closing due to the latest restrictive measures announced by the President of the Andalusian Regional Government, Juanma Moreno. "We have had to take this decision. However, our costumers can keep enjoying Califa Casas that remains open to keep offering the best service to our clients. We are making a temporary break but we will return in 2021 with more strength than ever", says the CEO of the Califa Group, James Stuart.

El Jardín del Califa gives away surplus food to Vejer Cáritas association

The surplus food from the El Jardín del Califa restaurant has been donated to Cáritas de Vejer. "We want to show our gratitude to the Califa's management directors and staff for helping needy families in Vejer, especially in these hard times," says the Vejer parish priest, Antonio Jesús López García-Mohedano. The local council's Department of Social Welfare and Family also thanks the donation.

Vejer Cáritas association, which has been operating in the area for more than 50 years, helps around 120 families in Vejer and surrounding areas every month, more than 32 every week. "Before the pandemic it was 75 or 80 a month and after the pandemic the number has increased dramatically," says Magdalena Flor, Director of Caritas Vejer. By February they expect a further increase in the number of families in need. Collaborate here.

El Jardín del Califa, temporary closed, gives away surplus food to Vejer Cáritas association

Schedule opening time

  • Califa Casas is open.
  • December 24th 2020 will open Las Palmeras del Califa.
  • December 25th 2020 will open Corredera 55 restaurant. Reservations by phone at 673 61 80 98 or email at
  • February 5th 2021 will open El Jardín del Califa, La Tetería del Califa, Casa del Califa hotel, Las Palmeras del Califa and Plaza 18 hotel. 
  • March 26th 2021 will open Califa Tapas and Madreselva hotel.

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