"My experience with the Califa was love at first sight"

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Isabel Sanchez visits us every year. Her experience with the Califa, as she said, was love at first sight. Her dream was to leave the Hotel La Casa del Califa in her wedding dress and... she made it come true! This is her story:

I've been coming to your hotel a couple of times every year for the last nine years. My experience with the Califa was like love at first sight, I fell in love with it and I haven't stopped going. It is so special for me that when I got married, I stayed a few days with my family and of course I left in my wedding dress. I had always dreamt of that and we were able to make it come true.

Besides sharing that special day, whenever we need to disconnect we go for a couple of days to recharge batteries, besides I always say the same thing to my friends: that smell... it's like coming back to my grandmother's house, for me a very special place that gives me peace and tranquility.

I leave you here some pictures of that special day and as an anecdote I tell you that when I went out dressed as a bride there was an excursion of Chinese people who didn't stop taking pictures of me, precisely in the picture I go out with the fan I was laughing because of that. 20 Chinese people taking pictures of me!




Thank you very much Isabel for telling us this original story and sending us the pictures!


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