'Nogal' room refit

  • Nogal makeover

It's unusual for us to refit a room before the high season has even finished but room 'Nogal' has been in flux for a few months as we sent away it's 19th.C. panelled cupboard for restoration.

In its place went an Ikea wardrobe (the only thing we could get in to the room through its tortuous corridor) which survived the summer. Through all of this however Regli Alvarez (Califa partner and the hotel director) had a better idea of adapting the original 16th. century alcove into a cupboard and using the original cupboard space for a table and two comfy chairs.

'Nogal' get its name from the old walnut tree that this room used to overlook in the Califa courtyard. In 2007 sadly the tree died and we replaced it with a Washingtonia fan palm as we considered the conditions weren't ideal for growing another walnut tree.

The room is accessed through the Sala del Nogal, one of the oldest passages in the Califa which dates back to the 10th. or 11th. Century. The age of the Nogal room's ceiling is unknown but is anywhere between 800 and 500 years old. Nogal is a classic double room and can reserved by clicking here.