Plaza 18 in Icon Design - El País

  • Our hotel is featured in the 'Interiors' section of the popular Spanish design magazine

It's an honor to have been featured in ICON Design magazine, the design, interior design and architecture publication of El País, Spain's leading newspaper.

We've woken up today with this wonderful article titled "The Scot who is obsessed with Andalucia and has made an unusual mansion into the most luxurious hotel in Vejer".


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The publication goes on to tell the story of Califa Group's CEO, Scottish-born James Stuart, who arrived "with a spicy pork sandwich on a day off from surfing in 1988. As we read below, "he revived the town's Arab past with La Casa del Califa, the first boutique hotel in the province. It was not enough and he took great pains to recover a 19th. century mansion, the architectural and cosmopolitan exception of an Andalucian village".

Plaza 18 is a collaboration between Vejer’s principal hotel ‘La Casa del Califa’ and Nicky Dobree, an award-winning, internationally recognised interior architect and designer.  "A hotel so white that it doesn't clash with the carefully designed old style, so luxurious that it evokes the bourgeois merchants of Cadiz who have long disappeared. So elegant as to be the personal style of the English interior designer Nicky Dobree, co-owner of the property, so small that it has something of a home-made character with its barely six rooms", publishes ICON Design - El País.


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