Temporary closure of the Califa's hotels and restaurant due to the Covid-19 crisis

  • The hotels and restaurants of the Califa group will be closed until further notice.

We closed our hotels and restaurant to join the efforts of the health authorities to mitigate the expansion of COVID-19, thus following the recommendations and addressing the need to avoid concentrations of people in the common interest.

For those customers who are already on their way, we have small homes available where they can safely pass the quarantine:

  • Califa Casas, in this link you can find all the information, all the houses are equipped with kitchen and separate bathroom. The houses available for the winter season are Casa Brigitte and Casa Las Cuadras.

Casa Brigitte.


Casa Las Cuadras.


Casa Sara's kitchen.


Casa Sara's sitting room.


Casa Asilah.


For more information you can call +34 956 447 730 y +34 683 276 387

Please take care of yourselves and take all precautions.

We'll be back soon.

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