We join #yoregalocuarencena movement

  • Who will you invite for lunch when it's all over?

From Califa Vejer we join the movement #yoregalocuarencena, offering the possibility to buy or give away vouchers that you can exchange at El Jardín del Califa when we reopen. And we also give you a bottle of cava! This movement aims to help restaurants temporary closed by coronavirus.

Surprise your partner, enjoy a drink with your friends on the way back in to the real world, thank that special person, surround yourself with your loved ones in your favorite restaurant... These are the different options we offer you:


  • Couples voucher 70 euros with an invitation to a bottle of cava.
  • Friends voucher 105 euros with an invitation to a bottle of cava.
  • Califa voucher 150 euros with an invitation to two bottles of cava.
  • Gift voucher 35 euros.

Currently the gift voucher is only in Spanish but here's how it works: You only have to click  this link, choose the gift. On the form the first page is your details and the second page is the details of the beneficiary to whom the voucher will be sent. Thanks for your help!



These are the conditions of the coupons:

  • The coupons are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • They are valid in the restaurant El Jardín del Califa.
  • The coupons are for the value marked on the sale price.
  • The reservation is made through

Our team is still working from home... in the hope that we'll see each other again very soon!